Vicent Beltran




I am a passionate triathlon coach with over 12 years of experience in the field. Having coached triathlon worldwide for the past decade have provided me with an extensive understanding of training and coaching from development to a high-performance level. My bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Sport Science has successfully supported me to develop an outstanding knowledge of the triathlon as a sport and not only has it help me with training but with subjects which are related to management and teaching. Contribution and establishment of development programs in Spain, the UK, Kuwait and Bahrain have been part of the job I did. In addition, I contributed to the first participation of Kuwait (2014) and Palestine (2018) in the Asian games. 

I have delivered a variety of courses and camps as part of the ITU development team which has influenced my past knowledge and has made me understand how I could interfere with the strengths and weakness of the athletes to make them achieve their goals. Moreover, I have been able to learn how to interact with different cultures and their barriers when it comes to logistics, finances and development. 

Training method

Our holistic training method is aimed to achieve optimal performance. Our training plans are tailor-made based on athletes' strength and weakness, sports background, training availability, and competition goals.

Our training process summarised in four steps:


The specific physiological parameters responsible for reaching optimal performance in triathlon are measured and evaluated objectively.


A physiological and technical profile is created. The information obtained helps us determine the athletes strengths and weaknesses, and identifies those physiological aspects that must be developed with the highest priority, aiming to improve the athletes performance


A science-backed plan will be made based on the physiological and technical needs of the athlete, with the goals of the season in mind. We also take into account the amount of available time each athlete has to train and personalise their plans around work and family obligations.


If the training is completed, the athlete will undergo a series of tests, which results will be evaluated to prescribe the next training block.